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Ferrarini & Benelli

Ferrarini & Benelli designs and manufactures stations for Corona surface treatment and Plasma 3D treatment. Its headquarters are in Romanengo, in the province of Cremona (Italy).

In the field of packaging and production of plastic materials, the search for a suitable surface treatment is very important and constantly evolving as new materials and additives are introduced. At Ferrarini & Benelli we keep abreast of materials development by working closely with the major international manufacturers (OEM) of extrusion and flexible packaging processing equipment, who incorporate our solutions in their lines.

Product design, together with soft- and hardware for our generators are all handle in-house by our own qualified personnel. This knowledge and expertise, coupled with manufacturing flexibility allow us to develop customised solutions together with the customer.

A well-structured sales network with multi-firm agents directly supports Ferrarini & Benelli’s end users worldwide. Whilst the majority of exported products are for Europe, they are also well known in Australia, South America and the Middle East. Sales are growing in Russia, The United States and China.

Corona treatment

Corona surface treatment increases the adhesion of inks, adhesives, lacquers and other coatings  used in the processing of flexible packaging. Ferrarini & Benelli has developed specific treatment systems for the following production sectors:

  • Blown film extrusion: single-sided or double-sided treatment for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and multi-layers
  • Cast extrusion: high-speed single-sided and double-sided treatment for OPP, CPP, BOPP, PE
  • Sheet extrusion: single-sided and double-sided treatment of rigid and hollow sheets of significant thickness
  • Foil extrusion: single-sided and double-sided treatment of semi-rigid foil or foam
  • Pipe extrusion: patented system for the treatment of pipe interiors for district heating and improvement of the bonding of polyurethane foam
  • Laminating and Coating: to improve the bonding of adhesives with or without solvent,  and with water-based systems
  • Flexographic and Rotogravure Printing: to improve the bonding of ink with solvent, without solvent and with water-based, UV and EB systems
  • Extrusion coating: to improve the bonding of PE coating on substrates such as paper and aluminium
  • Narrow web: narrow web treatment systems, used for printing labels and adhesive tapes
  • No-noise effect: to guarantee no-noise effect for adhesive tape
  • Production of cables, pipes, sections: to increase surface tension and improve the bonding of ink-jet printing or adhesives
  • Panel production: corona treatment for sheet metal panels.

There are more than 10,000 corona treatment stations produced ​​by Ferrarini & Benelli installed around the world.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

The new surface treatment by Ferrarini & Benelli, named FB Plasma 3D, works under conditions of atmospheric pressure and does not require vacuum technology. Designed to provide optimum levels of wettability in polymers and metals, guarantees the adhesion of ink, glue, coatings and adhesives.

FB Plasma 3D is suitable for treating: 3D objects, small areas of plastic parts, profiles and sections, cables and pipes, strips of plastic film. Composed of a high frequency generator and a dedicated nozzle. The treatment area of a single nozzle is 10 mm.

Printing applications:

  • Pad printing
  • Silk-screening
  • Ink-jet printing

Laminating applications:

  • Improvement of the durability and reliability of gaskets
  • Application of glue on folding cartons
  • Flocking on rubber and plastic.

Cleaning applications:

  • Removal of dust and grease from plastic
  • Degreasing of steel, metal and semi-finished products.


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