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In Air Plasma

F&B In Air Plasma works under atmospheric pressure, increases wettability properties of polymers, plastic materials, cardboard and metals, enhancing the bond of inks, varnish, glue and coating.

It is suitable for treating: 3D objects, small areas of plastic parts, profiles and sections, cables and pipes, strips of plastic film.

Plasma is created inside the nozzle between two electrodes. Then it is directed toward the substrate that needs to be treated by an airflow. Unlike corona treatment, plasma treatment produces no ozone. The system can be integrated in-line and it is composed of:

  • High frequency digital generator with integrated transformer
  • One or more dedicated nozzles.

The treatment width of a single nozzle is 10 mm.

Main applications

  • Printing: pad printing, ink jet, screen printing, coding for cables, pipes, electric cables
  • Coating: bonding of gaskets, folding/gluing line, flocking of rubber and plastic
  • Cleaning: removal of oil and dust on plastic, steel, metal and work in progress materials.

In converting and folding carton operations, the treatment is mostly used on folding/gluing lines in order to activate the surface before the application of the glue.

In the production of boxes or other container made of plastic materials or plasticized, this treatment enhances the bonding of glue.

Generators for plasma treatment
Generators for plasma treatment

The generator is easy to use, cost-effective, featuring compact design, high safety and low maintenance.

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Plasma treatment for PEX pipes
Plasma treatment for PEX pipes

The Ferrarini & Benelli plasma treatment improves the ink jet marking process of PEX pipes used mainly in heating and air conditioning systems. 


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