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Ferrarini & Benelli has designed and developed special applications for corona surface treatment of labels made of plastic and conductive materials: ET98.

The labels are made of different materials (vinyl, acetate, polyester, polypropylene, aluminium foil, etc.). All of these materials contain additives, lubricants, antistatic materials and plasticisers which migrate to the surface during storage thus decreasing wettability at the time of printing.

This raises the need to apply a corona treatment station on the printing lines, to thereby ensure a good ink anchorage.

The narrow web corona treatment stations of Ferrarini & Benelli feature ceramic electrodes that allow for the treatment of all types of materials, both conductive and non-conductive.

ET 98

  • Station built with stainless materials. The conductive ceramic cover on the roller reduces wear and tear on the components and offers better frictional characteristics.
  • The easy-open cartridge for the electrodes facilitates threading and permits a quick removal for maintenance
  • Multiple ceramic electrodes for high performance.


The corona treatment for labels is combined with a single phase generator with a modular electronic control system and signalling panel with membrane switches.

The power controller detects the speed of the roller and progressively adjusts the power depending on the speed. Also available with remote controls.


ET98 Ferrarini & Benelli

ET98 corona treating unit installed on narrow web press for label and package printing.

Single-phase generator GTS MX
Single-phase generator GTS MX

Single-phase generator available in stand alone version with IP43-grade protection or integrated with IP20-grade protection. 

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