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How to reduce the impact of corona treatment on the environment?

Ferrarini & Benelli has developed a system to reduce ozone emission which can be applied to any corona treatment system equipped with a cold catalyst and does not involve the expenditure of energy.


Corona treatment for extrusion of blown and cast film and converting (printing lines, rotogravure and flexographic printing, laminating etc.) produces ozone emissions.

Ozone is a polluting molecule that does not dissolve in the air and increases the levels of photochemical smog and can be detrimental to human health. Ozone destruction is therefore a major challenge for all companies using corona treatment stations.

A European regulation (CEE 92/72), adopted by Italy (DPR 203/88) provides for the reduction of emissions of this gas.


Ferrarini & Benelli has designed and created the innovative Ozo-no! A catalytic multi-stage ozone destruction system at room temperature, that is able to contain emissions below the thresholds, set by law.

Based on a cold method, it does not consume energy and does not stop because the catalyst is regenerated with the passage of air and does not wear out.

This technology allows for the prevention of any irregularities that may lead to the imposition of sanctions. In addition, in a highly competitive market, the eco-friendly product represents an added value, especially for those companies that wish to obtain environmental certification.

We also offers a service of regeneration of catalysts to restore their optimal efficiency.

Ferrarini & Benelli production site

  • Each of the test stations of the corona treatment stations has an Ozo-no destruction system
  • photovoltaic system allows for the supply of energy with zero impact!

Ferrarini & Benelli Ozono reduction

Ozone Destruction System: OZO-NO!
Ozone Destruction System: OZO-NO!

Ozone Destruction System Ozo-no! enables companies using corona treatment stations to remain within the limits of ozone imposed by law. The catalyst regeneration service allows for significant cost savings.

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Ozo-No! to sanitise facilities
Ozo-No! to sanitise facilities

The new catalytic ozone destroyer at room temperature, guarantees levels of ozone below the threshold set by the law, to make sure operators are kept safe and in good health conditions following ozone-sanitising operations.

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