Mecspe 2023

Ferrarini & Benelli participated in Mecspe to present the new features of plasma treatment.

In Air Plasma is an efficient and sustainable surface treatment system, which improves the quality in:

  • Gluing processes, as it avoids the use of hot glues thus eliminating surface deformation problems
  • Printing processes, where owing to the effect of the plasma treatment improving surface tension, water-based inks can replace solvent-based inks, which are toxic and difficult to dispose of.

Furthermore, this treatment does not generate ozone – as opposed to corona treatment – and takes advantage of the features of plasma under atmospheric pressure conditions (thus reducing energy consumption).

Plasma treatment allows to treat the surface of small plastic objects to optimise adhesion before printing, varnishing, gluing, coating, insulating and labelling.

Plasma treatment is also useful for cleaning plastic and metal surfaces before subsequent coating processes without using chemical products.

Easy to install into any production line, the system requires reduced maintenance and automates treatment, ensuring excellent and durable results.

Technical features

In Air Plasma is formed by a high-frequency digital generator connected to one or two nozzles, which can treat substrates through a shielded cable. The system can be equipped with:

  • One, two, three or four discharge nozzles for surface treating from 10 mm or up to 40 mm
  • Nozzles with improved features to treat wider surfaces, up to 70 mm

Main applications

  • Manufacturing of durable plastic boxes in folder-gluer lines
  • Coding and marking of PEX, PE and PVC pipes with different diameters, electric cables and components which require great readability and durability over time
  • Increasing of adhesion of glues, adhesives, sealants and gaskets

Ferrarini & Benelli provides customers all over the world with customised solutions and technical assistance in the choice of the best model according to each application, while ensuring timely assistance pre and post-sales. 

29 31 March