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Ferrarini & Benelli corona treatment

We produce corona treatment stations for conductive and non-conductive materials (plastic or metallized film, paper, sheet, foil, foams, label, pipe and other special applications).

Sistema corona made in Italy

Blown film extrusion

Double-sided treatment stations for blown film extrusion (Bikappa Rotary), single-sided for the treatment of “blown film internal” faces (Bikappa Tunnel), or with mobile unit to treat a small strip of a wide film (TM Stripe). The affordable double-sided version (Basic) is suitable for mounting on blown film extruders with standard performance.


Station of high-performance universal treatment equipped with special electrodes and ceramic rollers. For use with all types of conductive and non-conductive materials, plastic and metallised film, paper and aluminium foil, even laminated. Studied for high speed applications.


High-performance corona treater for non-conductive plastic film, guarantees high levels of surface treatment at high speed, even with more difficult materials that require very high power coefficients


Model specifically created for the treatment of rigid sheetssolid for refrigerators which favour the bonding of polyurethane foams; hollow to favour the bonding of printing.
Achieving high performance even with significant thicknesses (up to 8 mm for solid sheets and up to 13 mm for hollow sheets). Available in single-sided or double-sided version.


Special corona treater of foil or semi-rigid sheets (of thickness not exceeding 3.5 mm). A practical adjustment system of rollers allows for the choice of the thickness of the material to be treated. Available in single-sided and double-sided version.


Narrow web treatment stations for the treatment of labels before printing. They are equipped with ceramic electrodes that allow for the treatment of all types of materials, both conductive and non-conductive. Ensure excellent adhesion of printing inks. Available in two models ET/75 and ET/98.

Adhesive tape

Treatment stations for adhesive tape. AT guarantees good bonding of ink to print on the back of adhesive tape; TNN treats the back of the adhesive tape in order to avoid the so-called “noise” effect that is the loud noise caused by the unwinding of the tape. 

Treatment of polyethylene pipes

Patented treatment by Ferrarini & Benelli for polyethylene pipes used in district heating equipment as a protective sheath for the "steel pipe - insulation material" complex. The treatment can be performed on the interior of the pipe to improve the bonding of the polyurethane foam insulation, or on the exterior to ensure the bonding of the printing inks used for marking.

Laboratory treatment stations

  • Single sheet treatment FORMAT
  • double-sided corona treater with small size for mounting on laboratory blown film extruders MINI BIKAPPA
  • manual system ET LABO for the treatment of material samples in A4 or A3 size.
In Air Corona
In Air Corona

In Air Corona allows the treatment of non-conductive materials: three-dimensional plastic objects or small areas of two-dimensional plastic surfaces and also conductive materials: parts or metallic components.

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Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment offer solutions to solve adhesion problems
Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment offer solutions to solve adhesion problems

Surface treatments of materials used in several different productive sectors serve different purposes, such as painting, coating and improving of the materials’ adhesion value.

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