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Generators for plasma treatment

The generator is easy to use, cost-effective, featuring compact design, high safety and low maintenance.

High-frequency MP generator can be connected to one ore two dedicated nozzles (the treatment area is about 10 mm wide).

The corona head, that directs the discharge toward the substrate to be treated by means of air flow, has a treatment width of 40 mm. It is possible to use more heads.

CharacteristicsMP (Plasma)MC (Corona 3D)
Installed power

800 – 1500 Watt

500 – 1000 Watt


20 – 35 Khz

20 – 35 Khz

440 mm

440 mm

400 mm

400 mm

400 mm

400 mm
Weight36 Kg36 Kg

Control panel

The LCD multilingual control panel, available in a remote box or integrated in the generator, assures clear and simple operability and selection of the available functions:

  • stop / start control
  • manual power control
  • set power, output power and working frequency display
  • current overload limitation
  • alarms and diagnostics (short circuit, over temperature, air presence control).

Display of work parameters

  • Set power [W]
  • Work frequency [Khz]
  • Effective power [W]
  • Current consumed [A]
  • Duty cycle [µs]
  • Temperature [°C]. 

Plasma treatment with 2 nozzles.

In Air Corona
In Air Corona

In Air Corona allows the treatment of non-conductive materials: three-dimensional plastic objects or small areas of two-dimensional plastic surfaces and also conductive materials: parts or metallic components.

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Plasma treatment
Plasma treatment

In Air Plasma and In Air Corona treatments solve adhesion problems and enhance wettability properties of 3D plastic objects or small areas of two-dimensional plastic surfaces.

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