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Dyne Test and other products

Dyne Test for measuring the surface energy of plastic materials. Ozone destruction system for all corona stations. Micro-perforator, spreader roller and silicone sleeve.

Dyne Test

Allow you to measure the surface tension of the materials, to assess the level of adherence of a liquid on a plastic surface or the material’s aptitude for printing and for gluing (wettability) by using liquid mixture or pen.

Dyne Test Inks

They are liquid measures for assessing the level of adherence of a liquid on a plastic surface. Used mainly in laboratory, they allow accurate measuring of the effects of corona treatment. Value of reference: 31 - 58 dyne/cm.

Dyne Test Pen and Corona Marker

  • Dyne Test Pen is non-toxic and is used to quickly assess whether a material has been treated or not just making a temporary mark on the surface. Mainly used by operators that handle the production lines. Reference value 38 dyne/cm.
  • Corona Marker Mainly used by the operators that handle the production line to highlight the corona treated areas. The ink is solvent based so is laid permanently.


Our Ozone destruction System enables companies using corona treatment stations to remain within the limits of ozone imposed by law (with low energy consumption). The catalyst regeneration service allows for significant cost savings.

Micro-perforator and spreader roller

  • Cold Micro-perforator for thermal-shrink film, low density polyethylene and in general for elastic film and paper (extrusion lines, printing lines, welding machines and rewinder machines).
  • Spreader roller for preventing and removing wrinkles that may be formed during the processing of plastic films, textiles and paper and to guarantee optimum winding without overlapping.

Silicone sleeve

Used to cover corona treatment discharge rolls. Sleeves are available in different diameters: mm. 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 265.