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Dyne Test Pen and Corona Marker

Ferrarini & Benelli's new pens and markers are a convenient alternative to liquid mixtures.

Dyne Test Pens 
Dyne Test Pen Ferben

Dyne Test Pens are non-toxic and are used by operators that handle the production lines to check if a material has been treated, or not.

The measurements is made accordingly to the same ASTM procedure as the test inks, so it verifies if the liquid remains spread for at least TWO SECONDS.
For the Dyne Test Pen the value of reference is 38 dynes / cm.

Instructions for use    

Spread a thin layer of solution by drawing with the pen a line of about 5 cm on the media to be measured.
If the solution remains anchored, support is treated. If the solution does not remain anchored and is divided into droplets, support is not treated.


Corona Marker
Corona Marker Ferben

New Corona Marker is used by the operators that handle the production lines to indicate the surface treated areas. Compared to the Dyne Test Pen: the Corona Marker Ink is solvent based and remains permanently on the treated zones in order to underline  where the corona treatment has been done. 









    A series of liquid mixtures (whose values of wettability are known) are used; the mixture that is at the threshold of drop formation and indicates the wettability value of the solid is looked for.


    You draw with the pen a line of about 5 cm.

    You draw with the marker a line and the ink remains permanently spread on the treated area.

    Type of test

    Measure the tension giving precise values of treatment

    Quick test: measure if the liquid remains spread for at least 2 seconds

    Quick test: treated / non-treated (the ink quickly dry and remains permanently spread on the treated zones)


    Quality Laboratory

    Production operator

    Production operator


    Mixture of Formamide and Cellosolve, "Du Pont Victoria Pure Bleu 80" dye (ASTM D procedure 2578-84)

    Mixed solvent containing the following functional groups: alcohol, glycol ether, carboxylate, amide and different amounts of water.

    Mixture with ethanol

    Warnings for use

    Components attack the skin, so you must avoid any direct contact and you must protect the eyes.

    Non Toxic

    Components can cause eyes irritation, so you must avoid any direct contact and wear personal protection equipment. Flammable liquid.


    8 small bottles, ml.

    In packs of 10 + 1 free

    In packs of 10 + 1 free
    Ferrarini & Benelli corona treatment
    Ferrarini & Benelli corona treatment

    We produce corona treatment stations for conductive and non-conductive materials (plastic or metallized film, paper, sheet, foil, foams, label, pipe and other special applications).

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    Wettability and contact angle
    Wettability and contact angle

    Wettability is the ability of a liquid to spread out completely on the flat and horizontal surface of a solid. It is measured in dyne/cm.

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