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Micro-perforators and spreader rollers

Micro-perforators and spreader rollers complete the offer of Ferrarini & Benelli.

Cold micro-perforators

Particularly suitable for thermal-shrink film, low density polyethylene and in general for elastic film and paper.

Suitable for mounting on extrusion lines, printing machines, welding machines and rewinder machines.

Various possibilities to choose from:

  • location of perforations on the material
  • density of perforation
  • diameter of needles

Spreader rollers

Suitable for preventing and removing wrinkles that are formed during the processing of plastic films, textiles and paper. Can also be used to separate the film after cutting with the blade, guaranteeing optimum winding without overlapping.


Elastic cords rollers generally used to stretch and divide rigid materials and those that follow the curve of the "banana" RG roller poorly. Available with elastic cords in black rubber or silicone.


"Banana" curved rollers coated with antistatic synthetic rubber, resistant to ozone, printing solvent and temperatures up to 80°. Upon request coatings are available featuring resistance to:

  • specific chemical concentrations
  • high temperatures
  • very abrasive materials (for paper, the roller comes with chrome-plated metal parts).