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Plasma treatment

In Air Plasma and In Air Corona treatments solve adhesion problems and enhance wettability properties of 3D plastic objects or small areas of two-dimensional plastic surfaces.

Our plasma treatment systems work under conditions of atmospheric pressure and does not require vacuum technology. They increase surface tension for a better bonding of inks, glues, coating.

We have developed two systems suitable for treating: 3D objects, small areas of plastic parts, they can be integrated in line or used in laboratory to test samples. In Air Plasma and In Air Corona are composed of a high frequency digital generator and dedicated nozzle


In Air Plasma: Conductive and non-conductive materials

Energy focused in one point

Treatment width of a single nozzle: 10 mm

Main applications:

- printing

- coating

- cleaning


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In Air Plasma Ferrarini & Benelli


In Air Corona: Conductive and non-conductive materials

Energy more spread


Treatment width of a single nozzle: 40 mm


Main applications

- printing

- coding

- marking.


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In Air Corona