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Consultancy and training

We work alongside our customers in choosing the most functional solution and train technical staff on how to best use our surface treatments.

Customised studies for special mechanical applications

The corona treatment is an auxiliary device that must be integrated on multiple production lines in various sectors. For over 50 years we have been handling the requests of renowned machine manufacturers and we follow the technological evolution of materials to offer a valid corona treatment, wherever required.

The modular design of our systems enables us to find the most suitable solution for the customer and to also work with small transformers.

We simulate all the working conditions specified by customers with laboratory corona systems and we identify the most suitable treatment. We carry out tests on samples of material from customers to assess the effects of the corona treatment and its duration.

We can also determine in which cases the Plasma treatment is a valid alternative to the corona treatment.

Training on how our products work

We provide training support for your technical staff so that they can:

  • make the most of our surface treatments, according to the materials to be treated
  • safely manage routine maintenance
  • use the control panel, the treatment monitoring software and all of the generator’s features.

Our technical manuals provide operating instructions, maintenance advice and information on spare parts.

Customer Service office

Each machine has an identification number to trace the type of model, the technical data sheet of the machine and its operating parameters.

Our Customer Service team, run by specialist personnel with extensive proven experience, is available to:

  • provide information on the corona and plasma treatment process
  • troubleshoot product/process issues
  • search for faults and anomalies and identify the right spare parts needed
  • handle complaints and non-compliance.