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Customised services

Every customer has specific production needs and uses particular equipment. So Ferrarini & Benelli solutions are modular, flexible and configurable based on multiple scenarios.

Starting from a basic mechanical structure, the corona treatment system can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. For example:

  • the electrode modules can be added according to the operating speed of the line and can be placed in any position depending on the mechanical structure of the line
  • power and width are determined by the specifics of processing and materials to be processed.


The internal laboratory carries out tests of corona treatment on customers material samples simulating any working condition. The information obtained provides effective help in the search for the optimal solution.

Laboratory treatment stations: FORMAT, MINI BIKAPPA,  ET LABO, IN AIR CORONA, IN AIR PLASMA.


  • Training of your technical staff on operation procedures.
  • Customer service office to receive all the technical information on corona treatment and on Ferrarini & Benelli systems.

Technical assistance

Assistance and advice to solve treatment problems, perform testing and training around the world.

Technical support is assured by service centres and spare parts distribution centres that have a warehouse for prompt intervention. Vast and assorted spare parts warehouse.