On our 50th anniversary, we have collected some testimonials from our long-time customers, whom we thank for their demonstration of esteem.

Industria Termoplastica Pavese

Founded in 1972, ITP (Industria Termoplastica Pavese) is a leading manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for industrial packaging. With its 150 employees, it generates more than 45 per cent of its turnover abroad, mainly in the United States, Germany and the Russian Federation, while it is also growing in Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Specialising in the food sector, it develops new and intelligent technologies that help to extend the 'shelf life' of products and improve consumer service: new plastic films with adaptable characteristics (oxygen permeability, gas barriers, etc.), facilitated openings of disposable packaging, etc.

Massimo Centonze, Managing Director and son of the owner, recalls that:

"The collaboration with Ferrarini & Benelli dates back 20 years. ITP is a company that invests heavily in Research & Development (8 researchers work in our Laboratory) and in continuous innovation. We therefore need the best materials and reliable technological partners that allow us to guarantee our customers all over the world excellence in production and prompt technical assistance and spare parts supply. Ferrarini & Benelli's support has always been impeccable".

Gerunda Merletti Srl

Gerunda Merletti is a leading company in the flexible packaging sector. Founded in 1970, it specialises in the production of technical films suitable for packaging (vertical/horizontal flowpack) and in flexographic printing.

To make extruded films, printed films, laminated films, pre-formed pouches, bags and sheets, the company from Palazzo Pignano (CR) uses these technologies: 3-layer Polyethylene Coextrusion, Flexo UV/Solvent 8-colour Printing, UV in-register Lacquering, Conventional and pre-stretch welding, solvent-less lamination.

In the 'No Food' sector - which accounts for about 70 per cent of turnover - special bags for floriculture soil are the core product. In the 'Food' sector, it offers solutions for packaging fresh pasta, dry pasta, rice, coffee, dairy products and animal feed.

Managing director Pino De Gradi has known the founder of Ferrarini & Benelli - whom he defines as 'friend, not supplier' - for more than 50 years (in 1963, he took over the company from Diego Benelli and founded Ferrarini & Benelli in 1965).

"The excellent industrial partnership and strong personal bond that unites me with Diego shines through in the atmosphere on this special occasion when we celebrate their 50th anniversary. Today we use Ferrarini & Benelli technology for corona treatment in our printing presses to refresh our materials".

Uteco Converting Spa

Uteco Converting Spa offers a wide range of flexographic, gravure and laminating presses.  The headquarters, based in Colognola ai Colli in the province of Verona, employs more than 320 specialists in design, production, control, service, sales and marketing. The group has a turnover of EUR 110 million, of which around 80 million is generated abroad. Its core market is North America and it operates in Europe and several Asian countries as well.

Among the company's various patents, Thermilox® improves print quality in all technologies where inks need accurate temperatures during operation.

Applications: flexible packaging, printing on aluminium, security, wallpaper, faux wood, labels and sleeves.

 Alberto Zampollo, Manufacturing and Logistics Director, says:

"We have been collaborating with Ferrarini & Benelli for 25 years and, since UTECO is 30 years old, it is equivalent to saying 'forever'. It is, in my opinion, the reference company in corona treatment and the one I know best.

Together we have studied customised solutions for machines with special configurations. My presence, on the occasion of the Anniversary, is a tangible sign of the bond that unites UTECO and Ferrarini & Benelli".