In 2020, we achieved an important milestone: 55 years in the business of surface treatment.

Diego Benelli and Ezio Ferrarini, founded Ferrarini & Benelli in 1965 and registered their first patent in 1970. 

In the early years of operation, the existing systems allowed corona treatment only on plastic film extrusion lines. The advent of new materials, additives, solvent-free adhesives and new printing inks opened up new opportunities in the field of converting.

Traditional treatment with aluminium electrodes changed to equipment with ceramic electrodes which allowed for universal treatment of any type of material. More powerful stations taking up little space are intended for increasingly compact and faster production lines.

In the 90s, the presence of Ferrarini & Benelli grew in international markets thanks to the constant proposal of innovative solutions and management enhancement with the entry of Claudia Benelli to the company (see in the photo with her father, the company founder).


The new headquarters of Romanengo (CR) became operational.


After years of research, lab tests and inspection, Ferrarini & Benelli launched its In Air Plasma treatment to improve the wettability properties of polymeric, even three-dimensional materials and of metals, to guarantee good adhesion of ink, glue, coatings etc.


50th Anniversary


Launch of the Evo Smart digital generator compatible with 4.0 requirements (ability to upload data to the cloud during processing and real-time data monitoring-from PC, laptop or smartphone-thanks to the FB Cloud App