Digital generators EVO

Generators combined with corona systems designed and manufactured by Ferrarini & Benelli have been working all over the world for over 55 years.

The three-phase EVO generators feature a greater level of technological innovation: integrated Corona Quality Control data recording function, touch screen control panel with intuitive browse paths, for straightforward management of all available functions, compact HMI touch screen (4.3”) connected to the generator for easy remote use.

The software of the generator is able to independently manage the power circuit to protect it from any abnormalities such as voltage spikes or irregularities of the power line, to protect all components. Also regulates power automatically according to the speed of the line.


All generators are available in a stand-alone version or prepared for the integration in the main panel or PC of the line where the treater is installed. Remote control via optical fibre or by means of communication protocols such as Profibus, Profinet, Canbus, etc. UL-CSA components upon request.


  • Switching on and off of the automatic discharge according to the desired speed
  • Power adjustment as a function of line speed
  • Automatic power control function to keep the corona discharge constant regardless of the voltage variations of the power supply
  • Automatic calculation of the power density utilised (W/m2/min)
  • Up to 500 events stored and visualised on the display
  • Facility to record and store several years of functional data by means of the Corona Quality Control software.
Why corona treatment?
Why corona treatment?

The primary effect of the corona treatment is to activate the surface of the film, that is,to increase the surface energy measured in dyne per centimetre (dyne/cm).

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