Evo Smart generator

The new Evo Smart generator can be connected to the FB Cloud platform to receive technical assistance with remote monitoring and diagnostics and real-time data dashboard.

Designed and manufactured by Ferrarini & Benelli, it achieves the power needed to corona treat every material at the highest line speeds. Industry 4.0 compatible.

This innovative and reliable solution provides a wide range of powers for any application of Corona treatment in these fields: Extrusion, Extrusion coating, Laminating and coating, Flexo and gravure printing.

The user-friendly navigation system facilitates the setting of the main features of the generator: power adjustment according to the width of the material, automatic setting according to speed, minimum start and stop speed setting and skip treatment.

Technical features

  • Touch-screen HMI display, with multilingual navigation for an immediate display and management of all the main available functions.
  • Remote control: integration of features of the corona generator into the PLC of the customer’s production line
  • Events storage on SD card to allow download to a PC even via USB stick
  • Alarms and diagnostics to detect problems and secure the system
  • Digital on-screen multilingual instruction manuals available on HMI display with useful recommendations for maintenance and management of alarms

Continuous data monitoring, through FB Cloud

  • Cloud storage through the corporate network while the system operates
  • Real–time monitoring of data from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) through the FB Cloud
  • Viewing and printing of the quality control report of treatment

Service 4.0

Each of these innovations allows a better post-sales and technical support through remote diagnostics.

Our technical experts can monitor from Italy the main parameters of a generator installed anywhere in the world and provide operators with online support and useful advice.

Why corona treatment?
Why corona treatment?

The primary effect of the corona treatment is to activate the surface of the film, that is,to increase the surface energy measured in dyne per centimetre (dyne/cm).

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