F&B Cloud

All Evo Smart generators can be connected to the FB Cloud platform, which allows remote monitoring of system parameters to ensure the quality of Corona treatment.

FB Cloud is the platform that allows customer and Ferrarini & Benelli technicians to monitor production progress in real time and provide timely assistance and advice on maintenance.

Production data related to corona treatment can be uploaded to the FB Cloud platform through the company network during processing.


  • Technical support with remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Real-time data monitoring dashboard from any device (PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone)
  • Ability to view and print processing quality control report
  • Graph display with representation of power trend and key parameters
  • Event diagnostics (unlimited number of events that can be stored in FB Cloud)
  • Remote software update


Why corona treatment?
Why corona treatment?

The primary effect of the corona treatment is to activate the surface of the film, that is,to increase the surface energy measured in dyne per centimetre (dyne/cm).

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