Adhesive tape: AT and TNN

The AT station guarantees good bonding of ink to print on the back of adhesive tape; TNN treats the back of the adhesive tape in order to avoid the so-called “noise” effect, that is the loud noise caused by the unwinding of the tape.


Treatment station to be mounted on printing lines for adhesive tape or for narrow web plastic materials. The AT station guarantees good bonding of inks and adhesives.

  • Treating width: from 100 mm up to 260 mm
  • Multi-discharge electrode
  • Aluminium discharge roller covered with silicone sleeve
  • Combined with MX single phase generator.


Treatment station to mount on the cutters to treat the back of the adhesive tape and to ensure the no-noise effect. Available in various sizes, it features:

  • Special system used to lift the electrodes group and with spacer rollers to eliminate contact between the discharge roller and the adhesive tape, from the adhesive side, when the machine is at rest or the corona treatment is turned off
  • Movements controlled by a specific pneumatic system
  • Ceramic electrodes
  • Very effective cooling system for electrodes, with temperatures lower than 50°C.
Why corona treatment?
Why corona treatment?

The primary effect of the corona treatment is to activate the surface of the film, that is,to increase the surface energy measured in dyne per centimetre (dyne/cm).

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Digital Generators
Digital Generators

Our single-phase and three-phase digital generators alongside with our Corona system are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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