Sheetfed corona treatment

The sheetfed corona treatment FORMAT allows sheets of A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, B4, B3, B2, B1 formats (and custom sizes) to be treated to make them more receptive to inks, glues, coatings.

FORMAT treats plastic substrates, paper, plastic-coated paper, metallised substrates, aluminium or steel sheets.

Our innovative system – patent-pending – allows to treat even the lightest and finest of sheets, ensuring fast sheet feeding without any jamming.


In addition to standard laboratory use, the new and improved FORMAT is ideal in paper converting and in digital and screen printing applications. It may be used:

  • as a stand-alone machine with a motor-driven sheet feeding system
  • as part of a production line.


FORMAT is offered in combination with a generator of matching power for the customer’s application.

  • High speed: up to 120 m/min
  • Treating width: 850 mm max
  • Modularity: in case of difficult-to-treat substrates, or for high performances, the discharge area may be increased by adding more electrode units
  • Efficient design: facilitates accessibility owing to the quick electrode disassembly system.


  • Correct placement and fast handling of the sheet ensured
  • Exceptional results in paper-converting, especially when using plasticized coatings or varnishing of already printed paper
  • Improved bonding of inks in digital or screen printing processes
  • It allows for multiple substrates to be lab treated and for treatment results to be optimised
  • It allows for treatment renewal of substrates with decayed surface tensions, avoiding waste.
Why corona treatment?
Why corona treatment?

The primary effect of the corona treatment is to activate the surface of the film, that is,to increase the surface energy measured in dyne per centimetre (dyne/cm).

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Digital Generators
Digital Generators

Our single-phase and three-phase digital generators alongside with our Corona system are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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