Corona treatment transformers

We supply the component of the corona treatment system called High Frequency Transformer (THF) unit, a voltage booster connected to a fixed electrode.

The THF (High Frequency Transformer) unit consists of:

  • High-efficiency, watertight aluminium casing
  • Manually constructed winding insulated in special oil
  • Insulated closing flange equipped with fasteners for assembly on the treatment system
  • Pressure relief valve

The transformer ensures optimal operation of the generator and corona treater and is designed:

  • to be combined with a specific treatment system in order to prevent thermal shock, which can cause deformation and breakage of the component
  • for each application according to the type of electrode and dielectric of the corona system and according to the power of the generator.

Transformers are manufactured using specialised machinery and all THF transformers are tested over long periods of time before being put on the market.

We recommend using original Ferrarini & Benelli high voltage transformers in combination with our treatment systems.

Check that there is our F&B™ mark on the underside of the casing.

Customized services
Customized services

Our treatment systems and the generators’ soft and hardware are designed in-house. These skills, along with our production flexibility allow us to develop tailor-made solutions.

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Digital Generators
Digital Generators

Our single-phase and three-phase digital generators alongside with our Corona system are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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