19 December 2022

@casetteperucraina: fundraising to build a school in Ukraine

We support the project that raises funds to enable 300 Ukrainian children to return to their kindergarten through an installation made of crocheted, or knitted, little houses.

 “Little houses for Ukraine” (Casette per Ucraina), explains creator Giulia Maria Picchi, is an initiative born when my 7-year-old daughter Tea asked me:

“Mom, instead of making war on each other, why don't they build a row of houses from Ukraine to Russia?"

Thanks to social media, the initiative took off and crocheted and knitted little houses arrived from many countries, as well as poems and thank you cards for having this chance to help.

About 300 of the little houses that arrived were used to make a replica of the Comfort Town neighbourhood designed by the Archimatika architecture firm in Kiev.

This urban complex, which transformed an industrial area into a joyful residential complex with its colours, is today a symbol of hope and peace just as the little houses, all different from each other, are an expression of multiculturalism and solidarity towards the Ukrainian population.

The fundraising related to the installation will contribute to the reconstruction in Ukraine of the Rainbow School (Scuola Arcobaleno) in Bucha (one of the projects cared for by the NGO CESVI).

Ferrarini & Benelli's donation symbolically represents a group of small houses in the installation.

Kiev Comfort Town

ADI Design Museum exhibition in Milan

The miniature neighborhood of crocheted little houses, created by set designers Alessandra Picchi and Valentina Lagomaggiore, has become a collective installation that has already been exhibited at MUBA (Children's Museum Milan ) and MUMAC - Gruppo Cimbali's Coffee Machine Museum.

On December the 22nd at 6 p.m., the new stage of the exhibition, which will remain open until January 15th, 2023, will be inaugurated at the ADI Design Museum Compasso d'Oro.


@casetteperucraina: fundraising to build a school in Ukraine