5 May 2023

Ferrarini & Benelli issues scholarships for the children of employees

This initiative fully embodies the values of Ferrarini & Benelli, which aims at rewarding hard-working students by encouraging them to continue their studies and actually contribute to their professional future.

Our mission also highlights the importance of education and the boosting and spreading of STEMs and humanities across all levels of education.

We are glad to have issued the following scholarships

This year we have assigned a scholarship to Giovanni Vailati, who has recently graduated in Scienza, Tecnica e Didattica dello Sport (Sports Science) at the University of Milan. Giovanni is a sports and competitive disciplines enthusiast and hopes to go on to teach physical education in primary and secondary schools.


  • Manuel Caramatti, Elementary school diploma
  • Camilla Rizzetti, Elementary school diploma


  • Giovanni Vailati, Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science
  • Alessio Alchieri, High school diploma
  • Gioia Rizzetti, Middle school diploma


  • Federica Corvini, Master’s Degree in Medicine, with honors

Ferrarini & Benelli wishes the very best to all of them and hopes they achieve all their future professional goals.

Ferrarini & Benelli issues scholarships for the children of employees