Plasma treatment

Our atmospheric Plasma treatment systems for plastics  provide the best solutions to improve each stage of adhesion and printing.

Our plasma treatment systems operate under atmospheric pressure conditions, increase surface tension by improving adhesion of inks, glues, coatings.

They are easily integrated into customer's lines so as to increase the productivity of the entire production process, or are used in our lab for testing.

Applications and benefits

Plasma treatment activates plastic surfaces making them more receptive to inks and coatings ensuring optimal printing and coating

  • It improves surface adhesion prior to bonding or sealing
  • It ensures printing of weather and wear-resistant coding on electrical cables, pipes, fittings
  • It enables removal of contaminating agents and deep cleaning of objects to provide specific surface characteristics

Environmental sustainability and energy savings

Our plasma treatment system has low energy consumption, does not produce ozone, and allows you to:

  • produce quality prints with water-based inks
  • bond plastic parts without the use of hot glues
  • remove contaminating agents, grease, oil and dust from plastic and metal surfaces without the use of chemicals.


  • In Air Plasma is available with 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 nozzles. Each nozzle can treat 10 mm of surface up to a maximum treatable width of 40mm
  • In Air Plasma XL has two special nozzles: one for treatments up to 25mm, the other up to 70mm.
  • In Air Plasma Spark is suitable for specific applications. The treatment width of one nozzle is 40 mm. It is also available with 2 nozzles.

Why choose Plasma treatment?

Ferrarini & Benelli has 60 years of experience in surface treatments, we can find the right solution for your substrates.

  • All major components are manufactured by us and are available from stock for on-time service at all times
  • Our systems can be integrated into existing production lines to increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers
  • Our systems are easy to operate, require no special maintenance and reduce energy consumption
  • Customers may rent plasma treatment systems for extended production testing
Plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure conditions
Plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure conditions

Often, materials used in the manufacturing sector need to have particular surface characteristics. Plasma treatment cleans and activates plastics, cardboard and metals.

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Generators for plasma treatment
Generators for plasma treatment

The generator is easy to use, cost-effective, featuring compact design, high safety and low maintenance.

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