In Air Plasma Spark

Treatment of non-conductive materials: three-dimensional plastic objects or small areas of plastic surfaces and also conductive materials: parts or metallic components.

 The discharge enhances the surface tension improving the adhesion of inks, glues and coatings.

The system is composed of a high-frequency and high-tension digital generator with integrated transformer and one or two heades that directs the discharge toward the substrate that needs to be treated by means of air flow.

Compressed air is not required. The treatment width of a single head is 40 mm. It is possible to use more heads. 

Main applications

  • Ink jet and Pad printing lines for better printing quality
  • Coding and marking lines to improve code readability and to guarantee a long lasting bond
  • Label lines for better adhesion of labels on 3D objects.

Ink jet printing

Ink jet printing allows customisation of packing marks or of objects on a production line. In Air Plasma Spark is the solution to enhance the bonding of ink on plastic surfaces especially when UV ink are used. It is enough to put the nozzle before the printing nozzle.

Gluing of gaskets with a strong seal

In the automotive or white goods industry to enhance the bonding of glue on the gasket. In Air Corona activates the surface increasing the surface tension. The system is installed in the plastic or rubber extrusion line before the application of the glue.

Plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure conditions
Plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure conditions

Often, materials used in the manufacturing sector need to have particular surface characteristics. Plasma treatment cleans and activates plastics, cardboard and metals.

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Generators for plasma treatment
Generators for plasma treatment

The generator is easy to use, cost-effective, featuring compact design, high safety and low maintenance.

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