Customized services

Our treatment systems and the generators’ soft and hardware are designed in-house. These skills, along with our production flexibility allow us to develop tailor-made solutions.

Our treatment systems are modular, flexible and can be adjusted to fit to each customer's production needs.

Our service and spare parts distribution centers have an assorted warehouse to ensure prompt service in Italy and abroad.

Corona treatment

Corona treaters are installed according to the customer's specific production needs.

Electrodes can be added according to the line speed and placed in all positions depending on the mechanical structure of the line.

The treatment width and power are determined according to the processing standards and materials to be treated.

Plasma treatment

We analyze the treatment requirements and propose the most suitable solution, involving the customer directly, from the study of the characteristics of the substrate to the choice of the treatment speed and power needed to achieve excellent treatment results.

The compact design of the system allows for easy integration into the customer's line.


Our in-house lab performs treatment tests on customers’ samples:

  • to determine the properties and features of substrates
  • to determine the best type of treatment in every specific situation
  • to ensure treatment is feasible and effective.