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Ferrarini & Benelli in-house lab carries out testing with Corona and Plasma treatment by mimicking the customer’s working conditions on their production lines.

Our testing lab offers the opportunity to carry out tests for customers interested in doing research on material development and production processes. We can test:

  • surface of plastic materials and films (Corona treatment)
  • three-dimensional objects, such as sections and strips of materials, cables, tubes, metal components and thick surfaces (Plasma treatment)

Lab testing allows the results of Corona and Plasma treatment to be compared with each other in order to choose the best treatment according to the type of material employed and the specific field of application.

This integrated system allows to testing time to be reduced and to determine exactly which treatment works best, even on the most unusual of applications.

Corona treatment testing

For flat substrates, the lab tests A4-sized samples. During testing, we endeavour to replicate the actual operational conditions of the customer’s production line (speed, type and number of electrodes, type of roller, etc…).

To evaluate whether Corona treatment has been effective, our technicians test the surface with Dyne Test Inks. If treatment has not improved the samples’ adhesion value, we repeat the test at different speeds and intensities, in order to achieve the perfect result.

Plasma treatment testing

Our operators use a “cobot” (collaborative robot) connected to a touch-screen tablet to carry out testing with Plasma treatment. The cobot automates processes and improves the quality of results. By using the tablet, the operator can direct the discharge on the material and change its speed and intensity according to the characteristics of the material and the field of application.

  • Treatment width with In Air Corona discharge: 40 mm for each head
  • Treatment width with In Air Plasma discharge: 10 mm for each nozzle

Corona treaters for in-house lab

  • FORMAT treats small and large sized single sheets. It is perfect to treat plastic materials, paper and plasticised paper and is ideal for reinstating treatment
  • The ET LABO manual system treats A4 or A3 sized samples
  • The MINI BIKAPPA two-sided treating station is suitable for installation on laboratory blown film extruders.