Special Applications

We design and manufacture treatment systems to increase the surface tension of substrates used in special applications.

Corona treatment

  • High-performance corona systems for treating materials with low surface tension that are difficult to process
  • Corona treatment systems for paper mill extrusion coating lines with speeds up to 600 meters/min.
  • Skip treatment, synchronized with the printing pitch
  • No-noise treatment systems for cutters to adapt the backs of polypropylene adhesive tapes
  • Corona treatment for rigid sheets and refrigerator sheets
  • Corona treatment for films more than 4 meters wide
  • Pressurized treatment for operation in explosion-proof environments
  • Treatment for expanded materials
  • Treatment of the inside and outside of tubes

Plasma treatment

  • Folder-gluer lines to optimize gluing in box production
  • PEX tubes and pipes, mainly used in plumbing applications and heating systems to optimize coding and marking operations
  • Electrical and special cables to improve print adhesion
  • Cleaning and removal of grease, oils and contaminants from plastics, steel, metals and semi-finished products
  • Printing on glass and other materials with low surface tension
  • Treatment of gaskets, profiles, and profiles for doors and windows
  • Improved inkjet printing and coding
  • Increased wettability of fabrics prior to dyeing