Company case: Cartiera del Chiese Paper Mill

Ferrarini & Benelli created a special application for the Cartiera del Chiese paper mill, a leading company in the production and distribution of products for the papermaking and converting industry.

Cartiera del Chiese equipped the extrusion coating lines for the production of multi-layer coated paper with our corona treatments.

The customer’s requirement was quite ambitious: to double the production speed and be able to work with a continuous cycle (24h).

To rise to the challenge, collaboration between the two companies was essential and made it possible to develop a custom solution:

  • we designed very compact corona treatment heads, making the most of the available spaces
  • special adjustable electrodes that adapt to the width of the paper substrate and concentrate the corona discharge only where necessary, thereby maximising performance.

To increase performance we also increased the power of the generators, considering the request for non-stop (24h) operation.

The corona treatment stations are powered with an excellent combination of innovative generators and integrated digital control, separate and interchangeable with each other, providing the highest reliability with minimal, almost negligible, risks of downtime.

These are the results of our collaboration with Cartiera del Chiese, a cutting-edge company, aiming to do our best in terms of production speed and especially reliability