Corona generator alarm signals

Useful information to quickly handle some problems or alarm signals.

Treatment corona shortage

Checking of working conditions

  • Check the air-gap (the distance between electrodes and discharge rolls). Is it correct?
    A bigger air-gap reduces the treatment. For measuring the air-gap use a pre-calibrated gauge made of plastic materials. It must be 1.5 mm for aluminium electrodes and 1.3 mm for ceramic electrodes (or ceramic discharge roll) on all electrodes width.
  • Is the generator working at the maximum power value?
    A lower power output can decrease the treatment’s result.
  • Have you increased the working speed?
    A higher working speed could reduce the treatment. If it is possible go more slowly.
  • If supplied, have you turned the R.P.V. (regulation of power proportional to the speed) function off?
    If you make a test at slow working speed when R.P.V. function is off, you can increase the generator’s power even at very low speed with the consequence of increasing the corona discharge’s concentration.
  • If you have segmented electrodes, be sure of using only the segments of electrode that cover the film. A better discharge’s concentration helps to reach higher treatment’s results. Lift up all those segments of electrodes that do not cover the film. And remember: the generator will adapt itself automatically to the effective electrode-in-charge width.

Material technical data

Does the material contain a high quantity of slip agents?
High slip content reduces the treatment’s effect. If it is possible, reduce, as much as you can, the slip agents or additives you’re using.


Corona generator alarm signals