Corona treatment: Extrusion coating and Laminating

Paper and paperboard are coated with a fine layer of plastic to combine the mechanical properties of paper with the barrier and sealing properties of plastic.

  • With the Extrusion coating process, melted plastic is applied onto a paper or paperboard substrate.
  • With the Extrusion coating lamination process, coating is used as an adhesive to couple a plastic film (PET or PP) or aluminium sheet onto the paper.

Main industries of application

Paper converting industry, packaging for food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, health-care, cosmetics, insulation, insulating membranes, textiles, disposable items.

Pre coating

The paper film is subject to pre-treatment so that the surface is suitable for receiving PE and guarantees good anchoring.

To increase the adhesion of the plastic material coated onto the paperboard film, the corona treatment is placed in line, before the coating station.

The pre-coating treatment can be one-sided or two-sided based on the number of layers being produced or on the processes required thereafter.

Post coating

Considering that coated polyethylene has a low surface tension, to prepare the film for the next process it goes through (printing, for example) a corona treatment is included before end-of-line winding.

Ferrarini & Benelli proposals

Ferrarini & Benelli corona treatment stations guarantee an excellent level of treatment, also at the high speeds of these lines, reaching speeds of up to 600 m/min.

For the treatment of paper and paperboard a treatment station with scratch-proof vulcanised silicone discharge roller is recommended, and featuring metal multi-discharge electrodes.

For the treatment of aluminium foil, Ferrarini & Benelli recommends the Polimetal station equipped with rollers and ceramic electrodes.

All of the corona treaters are combined with the new series of EVO digital generators that achieve high power, at the maximum line speeds. They are also equipped with a data recording function thanks to Corona Quality Control software. 

Depending on the specific application, the coating process can be repeated several times by applying the extruded material onto the previously produced film again, up to the necessary number of layers.

The pros of plastic or metal coating

protection against humidity barrier effect for vapour and aroma heat-resistant.

Corona treatment: Extrusion coating and Laminating