Ozo-No! to sanitise facilities

The new catalytic ozone destroyer at room temperature, guarantees levels of ozone below the threshold set by the law, to make sure operators are kept safe and in good health conditions following ozone-sanitising operations.

The innovative, high-efficiency ozone destroyer allows the levels of ozone generated by ozonisers to decrease rapidly. Ozonisers generate ozone from an oxygen-based gas stream, supplied with electrical, electrochemical or photochemical power.

Current uses of ozone:

  • Ozone is employed in numerous industrial sectors, including water sanitation, prevention of formation of mold and bacteria in food, sterilisation of meat-processing plants and treatment of different types of cloths, such as denim
  • Sanitation indoors, such as hotel rooms, restaurants and offices.

Our solution is designed to destroy ozone levels as rapidly as possible after sanitation procedures of enclosed industrial and public spaces and businesses take place, for instance in hotel rooms.

How it works

Operators “capture” ozone inside the destruction system; subsequently, a series of catalysts transform it into oxygen. This process happens at room temperature, as catalyst granules, by employing precious metals, do not need any energy to activate the reaction.

OZO-NO! destruction system comes with:

  • Catalytic bed
  • Input and output filters to filter out air impurities
  • Air fan


Compliance with the law

Our Ozone destruction system allows companies to remain within the limits set by the law as far as ozone emissions into the atmosphere are concerned; it also allows to remain within the set limits of emissions indoors. This is a crucial factor to preserve the health conditions of operators and of the general public staying in hotels and occupying public places or businesses.

Lightness, practicality and transportability

The Ozone destroyer is small, and therefore lighter and easily transportable between the rooms of a building while sanitation is taking place.


The ozone destroyer is highly durable: if maintenance procedures on input filter are applied correctly, the system is extremely durable.


The ozone destruction system, developed with an airflow rate up to 200 m³/h, can destroy a concentration of ozone of 2 ppm in less than 20 minutes; on average, this is the concentration level generated by the majority of the ozonisers on the market, below the threshold set by the law.

Time reduction O3

Comparison with other ozone destruction systems

Compared to carbon-active destruction systems, which tend to take up a considerable amount of space and exhaust quickly (therefore needing to be replaced and being more expensive), our catalytic ozone destroyer is smaller, more efficient and more durable.

Maintenance service complete with easier recharge system

 Ferrarini & Benelli provides pre-packed, ready-to-use recharges, especially designed for this type of destruction systems, which might exhaust after a prolonged use. Maintenance is ordinary and inexpensive, combining performance, cost efficiency and durability.

All these characteristics make the OZO-NO! destroyer sustainable, easily transportable and in line with current needs.

Ozo-No! to sanitise facilities