Remote system: Profibus-Profinet system or fibre optic connection

We offer different remote systems for the corona treater control in the control panel, PLC or PC of the line where the treater is installed. This function allows for the inclusion of the corona treatment system in the control process. 

The reference standard used to connect the two units (corona generator and customer line) is the Profibus- Profinet or the serial fibre optic interface Half-Duplex (external or analogue box).

The choice of the system depends on the type of communication supported by the customer's line.

System with signals for Profibus-Profinet

This system is one of the most popular in the modern production lines and has become a standard reference. The communication of the Corona generator  with the Profibus or Profinet system happens through a converter, certified by the Profibus-Profinet consortium, to be mounted on the generator for conversion to Profibus or Profinet of different parameters.

This type of communication has the advantage of bringing the controls and displays of the corona generator on the customer's line through a single cable.

The system is also very versatile, allowing customers to choose which parameter they only want  to view on the remote unit and which they want to control. In this configuration it is possible to remote multiple parameters.

System with external box

When the customer's line does not provide the ability to use Profibus or Profinet communication, it is possible to remote commands using an optical fibre connection.

Optical fibre completely eliminates the risk of electromagnetic interference on the signals transmitted, even for distances up to 90 metres. The remote user interface is identical to that of the generator and the views are an identical repetition of the interface aboard the generator.

The system consists of a box complete with generator control cards, a power switch of the remote unit and a buzzer for the acoustic signalling of alarms. 

System with analogue signals for PLC

In the case where the PLC control of the customer's line is analogue, communication with the corona generator takes place via optical fibre, with the addition of an FB card to be mounted on the customer PLC for analogue conversion of some parameters of the generator.

If requested, you can mount the FB card in the Corona generator and connect the remote PLC via multi-core cables. 

Remote system: Profibus-Profinet system or fibre optic connection